No More Traffic Jams during Independence Day:

A Unique Cooperation between Pelephone, Channel 2 and Reshet

Starting Independence Day (Thursday), a new service will be launched on Channel 2 that will provide real time traffic information for Israel’s roads

From BubbleTech ( 05/05/08

by Chen Kolker

On Independence Day Eve a new real time traffic information service will be launched on Channel 2 based on a unique cooperation between Pelephone, Channel 2 News, and Reshet, which will present real time traffic information for the roads in Israel. The system was developed by Pelephone with the cooperation of Decell and OK2GO and will be based on Pelephone’s cellular network and other sources of information. The service, which will be launched on Thursday during the evening edition of Channel 2 News, will be integrated into all news broadcasts and into the “Reshet” morning show and will assist viewers to avoid the daily traffic congestions.



Guy Bauman, VP of Content and Products at Pelephone said that “Pelephone considers location based services and cellular navigation as a strategic element and is proud that Channel 2 has chosen Pelephone’s solution. We currently lead the cellular navigation market in Israel with over 200,000 subscribers for the GPS Navigator service and believe that this space will continue growing in double digit percentage numbers also in 2008 as the need for traveling anywhere comfortably and easily will continue to grow.” Bauman added that the traffic information service has been integrated into the GPS Navigator and into Pelephone’s phones and in the near future new navigation products will be unveiled.


Dani Sadeh, VP of Operations at the Channel 2 News Company said that “the development and optimization of the service took about a year, following a successful pilot broadcasted in the news on the evening of Passover 2007. During the past year we have been working on establishing a Traffic Information System and this is the first service in a series of advanced products in the transportation space that will be launched soon.”


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