Cellular Traffic Information – on TV

The Cellular Revolution is Set to Enter News Broadcasts Soon and to Provide Viewers with Traffic Information

From Ynet Technology (www.ynet.co.il) 05/05/08

by Omri Levy

An interesting cooperation is expected to be unveiled on Independence Day Eve. Pelephone, Channel 2 News, and the "Reshet" morning show are set to introduce a new service that is based on a unique cooperation and that will provide real time traffic information.


The service that has been developed by Pelephone with the cooperation of Decell and OK2GO, is based on Pelephone’s cellular network as well as other sources of information. The service that will be launched on this coming Thursday during the Channel 2 news broadcast will be included from now on in all news broadcasts and "Reshet" morning shows. This is intended to assist viewers in avoiding daily traffic congestions.


How does it work?

Pelephone’s Traffic Information System calculates the number of the company’s cellular phones that operate near their antennas. When the system identifies an increased number of cellular phones, it classifies this road segment with a potential for traffic congestion. In addition, the system uses information derived from the Police’s traffic center.


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