Decell introduces new release of Autoroute-1: First push enabled traffic information system

REHOVOT, February 14th 2005 - Decell Technologies, Ltd. announces today the availability of its new Autoroute-1 system dubbed as Release 3.0. The system was designed based on feedback provided by end users and content providers who are using the system during the last 18 months.


The new system intercepts drivers who are heading into a junction where 2 or more alternate routes are available and one route is a clear choice. "A road block or a traffic jam is not a predictable event," says Jonathan Silverberg, Decell's VP Product Marketing and CTO. "Once a road block is inspected by the system and a clear alternate route is available the system initiates a call to the relevant drivers and gives clear instructions. Drivers can, now, drive and focus on their routine activities and can be assured that the Autoroute-1 system will alert them and assist when, and only when needed" added Mr. Silverberg.


The new release includes the following main new features:


A new interface to any existing available traffic data source. Now the data provided to the driver can have more descriptive content. We provide data about car accidents or road construction and then give the driver alternate routes and the expected travel time in each route.


An improved operator console helps in assisting drivers should human guidance be required.


Integration with a Voice Recognition system allows simpler registration for new subscribers and an easy interface with the system once a new destination is required by the driver.


"We believe that with our new system we can finally offer a value added service generating a significant revenue stream" comments Udi Netzer, Decell's CEO. "Content providers can now accurately predict the expected cost and revenue stream based on their install base. Improved accuracy of our system gives enough assurance to governments and municipalities who are considering installing the system in order to reduce travel time of local commuters." added Mr. Netzer.


About Decell
Decell Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and registered in Delaware, USA. With a fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Decell Technologies Ltd., Decell leverages its unique technology to provide reliable and qualitative information on traffic status, while minimizing costs. Decell's advanced Autoroute 1 offers the transportation, mobile, and media markets real time accurate traffic information. Our unique patented technology and advanced architecture means that Autoroute 1 provides state of the art tools for improving the efficiency of a road network at every level.


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