Decell Technologies Founding Member of ITS Israel

TEL AVIV, June 28th 2007 - Decell Technologies, the global leader in the provision of accurate real-time traffic information, today announced that it has joinned ITS Israel as a founding member.


Each year, thousands of people lose their lives and scores more are injured on roadways. Traffic crashes take a toll on nation’s economies. Congestion and the resulting waste of time, fuel, and pollution cost taxpayers even more.


The various Intelligent Transportation Societies (ITS) in various countries around the world believe in a future where people and goods are transported without delay, injury, or fatality by integrated systems that are built and operated to be safe , cost-effective, efficient, and secure. In addition, we are rapidly approaching the time where the only way to increase the capacity of our roads will be to make them more efficient rather than expanding them.


Intelligent Transportation Systems increase the safety of travelers along roadways, reduce the number of fatalities occurring on roads every year and provide the data to help better manage congestion and make transportation systems more reliable. Without ITS, we would be at a standstill in congestion and see many more traffic-related fatalities.


Over the past year, a substantial effort has been put into establishing the Israeli ITS organization with the help of dedicated people from government, academia, and the private sector. The aim of ITS Israel is to bring together industry experts from the public as well as the private sector in order to expedite the adaptation of intelligent and innovative technologies, making surface transportation in Israel more efficient, safe and give better service to its users.


Decell is proud to be part of the efforts to establish ITS Israel and has been active in the formation of the organization right from the start. As a founding member of ITS Israel, Decell has taken on various active roles within the organization. “We are extremely happy to be a founding member of ITS Israel and contribute our extensive experience in intelligent transportation systems to the benefit of the transportation network in Israel. We bring to the organization not only technical know-how, but also broad international commercial understanding,” said Avi Peri, Decell’s CEO.


About Decell
Decell Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and registered in Delaware, USA. With a fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Decell Technologies Ltd., Decell leverages its unique technology to provide reliable and qualitative information on traffic status, while minimizing costs. Decell's advanced Autoroute 1 offers the transportation, mobile, and media markets real time accurate traffic information. Our unique patented technology and advanced architecture means that Autoroute 1 provides state of the art tools for improving the efficiency of a road network at every level.


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