Decell Technologies and mobilkom austria to launch Real-Time Traffic Information Service in Austria

TEL AVIV, December 17th 2009 - Decell Technologies, the global leader in the provision of accurate real-time road traffic information, announced today that it is launching a cellular-based real-time traffic information service of the Austrian road network together with mobilkom austria, the leading cellular provider in Austria.



After a significant planning and implementation period, the real-time road traffic information service called “A1 Traffic Data” is now commercially available for Austrian and international customers. For the first time, road traffic information is now available in Austria with a nationwide coverage on all intercity and major roads. The service offers a full solution, providing customers with both traffic flow information as well as incident data.


The cooperation between the two companies began when mobilkom austria reviewed the market in search for a complimentary service for their “A1 Navi”, an open navigation solution framework for cellular phones. A successful comprehensive pilot project with Decell in the Vienna area led to the decision to launch the service throughout the country.


Thereafter, mobilkom austria designed and implemented a multi source event collection system from mobilkom’s GSM as well as UMTS subscribers. The system covers both packet and circuit switched transactions in order to generate consolidated real-time raw data, generally marketed as “A1 Traffic Data Stream”. The data collection system maintains at all times users' privacy and therefore complies with all relevant EU privacy regulations. Furthermore mobilkom austria’s system is also ready to connect any kind of GPS reference data of selected devices as an on top data source for embedded calibration purposes.


Based on A1’s anonymous multi source raw data, Decell implemented its aggregation and analyzing system to provide high quality real-time road traffic information for the Austrian road network. “A1 Traffic Data” includes congestions‘ locations, traffic load levels, average speed, delay time, and route estimation travel time. The availability of real-time traffic information allows users to plan their route in advance and is an added value for both familiar and unfamiliar paths. Enabled by Decell and mobilkom's technology, "A1 Navi" will now be able to direct drivers through the fastest rather than shortest route while alerting on irregular congestions and events.


With more than 4.7 million subscribers and approximately 42% market share, mobilkom austria is the market leader in mobile communications in Austria.
“As the leading cellular operator in Austria, we are striving to provide our subscribers with superior service and cutting edge value added services”, said Claudia Winkler, Marketing Director at mobilkom austria. “Our ‘A1 Navi’ navigation services have been hugely successful in Austria over the past years and we see an additional traffic information service running on the same platform as a great way to provide our customers with current information that they want and need”, she added.


“We are very excited to see our efforts in Austria bear fruit in the form of a full nationwide coverage of a traffic information system together with mobilkom austria, one of the most innovative cellular providers”, said Mr. Avi Peri, CEO of Decell. “The benefits for both companies as well as their customers are evident”, he added.


About Decell
Decell Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and registered in Delaware, USA. With a fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Decell Technologies Ltd., Decell leverages its unique technology to provide reliable and qualitative information on traffic status, while minimizing costs. Decell's advanced Swift-i™ service offers the transportation, mobile, and media markets real time accurate traffic information. Our unique patented technology and advanced architecture means that Swift-i™ provides state of the art tools for improving the efficiency of a road network at every level.


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About mobilkom austria – The Leading Austrian Mobile Operator
With 4.7 million customers and a market share of 42.4%, mobilkom austria is Austria's leading mobile operator. Founded in 1996, the company offers comprehensive mobile solutions, from voice telephony and data services to mobile business and payment solutions, through the brands A1, bob and Red Bull MOBILE. mobilkom austria is part of the Telekom Austria Group and has more than 2,100 employees in Austria. Chairman is Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, who is also CEO of Telekom Austria and member of the board of GSM Association (GSMA).


In the fiscal year 2008 mobilkom austria achieved a turnover of EUR 1,668.0 million, an adjusted EBITDA of EUR 600.7 million and an operating profit of EUR 352.3 million.


mobilkom austria and Telekom Austria lay the foundations of a modern infrastructure program: Within the next four years together they will be investing 1.5 billion Euro - 500 million Euro of this sum will be invested exclusively in mobile communication services - to ensure that they can offer highest quality, newest technologies and the most innovative services also in the future.


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