Decell Technologies Wins Israel Police Contract

TEL AVIV, January 1st, 2010 - Decell Technologies, the global leader in the provision of accurate real-time road traffic information, is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Israel Police as a supplier of nationwide real-time traffic information.

The Israel Police is a civilian force in the State of Israel. As with most other police forces in the world, its duties include crime fighting, traffic control and maintaining public safety. It is under the jurisdiction of the Internal Security ministry.

Located in Jerusalem, the Israel Police headquarters possesses a central data collection system designed to aggregate and display traffic condition and different incidents around Israel. This system aggregates information from such sources as sensors, traffic cameras, and reports from police officers deployed on the ground. The additional integration of Decell's Swift-i, the ultimate real-time traffic information source in Israel, makes it possible for the Israel Police to have a complete picture of the traffic situation nationwide in real-time, allowing a much faster response to incidents and abnormal traffic conditions. Swift-i will be incorporated not only in the police's headquarters, but also in all satiations and car units, all in real-time.


Winning this contract was preceded by a long and rigorous evaluation process by the Israel Police. Decell’s system was put to numerous tests and was compared to other traffic systems and vendors, concluding that it is the best fit for the Israel Police requirements.


“We are extremely happy to have passed this long and demanding series of tests by the Israel Police,” said Jonathan Silverberg, CEO of Decell. “As can be expected, any police force has extremely tough requirements and standards that vendors must comply with. In our case, accuracy and fast delivery of traffic data is of the utmost importance. We are happy that Decell's Swift-i traffic information can contribute to the Israel Police to react faster to incidents,” Mr. Silverberg added.


About Decell
Decell Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and registered in Delaware, USA. With a fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Decell Technologies Ltd., Decell leverages its unique technology to provide reliable and qualitative information on traffic status, while minimizing costs. Decell's advanced Swift-i™ service offers the transportation, mobile, and media markets real time accurate traffic information. Our unique patented technology and advanced architecture means that Swift-i™ provides state of the art tools for improving the efficiency of a road network at every level.


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