Key Features


Smart Fusion and Analysis of Multiple Raw Data Information Sources
• Cellular signaling based flow data
  collected from leading cellular operators
• GPS devices and GPS enabled phone based flow   data derived from large commercial fleets and   leading connected navigation providers
• Fixed public road sensors
• Best available incident data

Comprehensive Coverage
Extended road network coverage throughout the territory:
• High quality information for secondary roads in both   remote and less populated areas as well as in high   urban density areas
• Full TMC coverage with sub TMC location resolution


High Availability
• Swift-i traffic is updated every 30 seconds
• Inherent redundant architecture of the backbone   system
• Integration of traffic information from a large number   of independent sources


The Highest Accuracy Level
All raw data is analyzed using Decell's cutting edge technology to generate the most accurate traffic information:
• High event detection and low false positive and false   negative rates
• No need for ongoing field measurements or system   recalibration
• Accurate real-time speed and travel time estimations   in all traffic conditions, not relying on historical patterns
• Short reaction times to unexpected and sudden   changes in traffic patterns


Easy Integration
• Information output delivered using standard protocols,   allowing for quick and easy integration into virtually any   application
• Supports all distribution formats
• Flexible to new formats


Swift-i traffic's reliability and accuracy was independently tested and found in full compliance with the high standards and strict requirements set by national traffic monitoring systems.